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Batesford Campus

The Batesford Campus of Rollins Primary School offers quality education in a superb rural setting that is unique in Geelong.
Our small campus is set just 4 kilometres west of Rollins but what a difference in settings. We consider ourselves lucky to have such a beautiful environment in which to learn.
Set on 2.5 hectares, Batesford provides an educational environment that offers space and tranquillity. It benefits from being resourced by the larger Wolseley Grove campus of Rollins P.S. while retaining the delightful benefits of its tree lined grounds overlooking Batesford Valley.
The students at our Batesford campus are Grades 3/4 and are capped at 30 students. There are 2 full-time teachers that work at the campus. Students are also offered specialist classes that are available at Rollins Primary School once a week on a Friday. These include Physical Education, STEAM, Music and Art.
The Batesford site and buildings retain the enrolment level and traditions of a rural school while having modern facilities. Offering air conditioning, computer lab, art room and music room, Batesford’s main building is a beautiful 19th century bluestone classroom with high ceilings.
For a tour of our facilities or for more information regarding our Batesford campus, please contact the school on 5278 3022.
Please click the links below to view two short videos of what life is like out at our Batesford Campus and the amazing opportunities our students experience at a unique location.
Video 1 click here
Video 2 Virtual Tour by our talented 3/4 students click here