Student Welfare

  • Student Welfare and Discipline Policy & Program: The underlying purpose of the Policy is to ensure that each child treats others with respect based on a commonly held set of rights and responsibilities. It also emphasises the promotion of a healthy school environment which is dependent upon the co-operation between children, parents and teachers.
  • Student Attendance: The expectation at Rollins Primary School is that absenteeism is kept to a minimum. There are very clear guidelines and procedures in place which places responsibility both on families and teachers to encourage regular attendance and therefore ensure maximized learning opportunities.
  • Family Circumstances: Court Orders and Intervention Orders are taken very seriously at Rollins Primary School and hence very detailed files are kept. All relevant staff are kept informed of current circumstances, and many safety procedures are in place to provide the best possible care for all students in our care
  • Medical: Medical files are updated on a regular basis, providing all staff with both photo and description files in order to be fully informed about how to best care for children with medical issues.
  • “REACH”: The whole school has a commitment to implementing the REACH Program. The content is based on: Respect, Encouragement, Ambition, Consideration and Honesty. This is a social skills program and supports the school’s motto.
  • Individual Needs:All children at Rollins Primary School are looked on as individuals and so a wide variety of programs are implemented to cater for such a divergent set of needs. Some of the programs are:
    • Disability and Impairment:With the excellent skills and knowledge of our integration aides, students are given support which is appropriate for their every-changing needs. Physical resources are always maintained and a variety of support groups are accessed, such as: Royal Institute for the Blind, Speech Therapist and Psychologist. Children are always included in all aspects of school life, including incursions, excursions and camps. Regular Parent Support Group Meetings are held at least once a term to ensure both regular contact between families and teachers and to assess specific goals and strategies. Applications for funding, or to review funding, are applied for on an annual basis. Students also receive supplementary transition sessions to help with smooth transition from primary school to secondary school.
    • At Risk: Children who have difficulty either academically or socially are catered for and tracked throughout their school life so that they are “not lost in the system”. Access to support services such as Bethany, Glastonbury and McKillop Family Services help provide many varied programs to benefit both students and families in times of need. Individual Learning Plans and Behaviour Management Plans are used to ensure all learning is relevant and successful. Referrals to the support services staff (School Psychologist & Speech Therapist) are another way Rollins provides for children in need.
    • Ed Connect – In 2019, we teamed up with Ed Connect to further enhance our efforts in student welfare and engagement. Ed Connect is a national charity that trains and places volunteers in to learning support and mentoring roles assist children at risk of not fulfilling their educational potential.