School Profile and History


Rollins Primary School is a positive supportive school aiming to build a learning community striving for continuous improvement and encouraging all to reach their potential.

Values that form the basis of our actions are:

  • Respect
  • Encouragement
  • Ambition
  • Consideration
  • Honesty

Guiding Principles

  • Rollins Primary School provides a comprehensive, inclusive curriculum, where all students have access and the opportunity to experience success.
  • Cooperative learning strategies are modelled in classrooms and are considered important with the changing environment and attitudes
  • Teachers and students are encouraged to be ‘risk takers’, to experiment, to evaluate and support one another in a non-judgemental, non-threatening way.
  • Open communication is promoted and expanded to include teacher-to-teacher, teacher-to-student and teacher-to-parent, to create a tolerant school environment.
  • The school motto is:  ‘REACH’.
  • The school strongly supports practical, experimental and ‘hands on’ learning styles and experiences for the students.
  • At Rollins Primary School the children can feel safe and secure knowing that they are cared for and valued as individual people.


Rollins Primary School is a multi-campus school with the main campus, Rollins, located in the Geelong residential community of Bell Post Hill. The school at Batesford was established in 1877, whilst Rollins opened in 1975. The communities of both campuses are proud of their history and commitment to educational programs.

The majority of students live within walking distance of the school; however many are driven to school by car. Children are not permitted to ride their bikes to school as a safety precaution.

The main feeder kindergarten is the Bell Post Hill Kindergarten and Year 6 exit students choose North Geelong SC and Western Heights SC and, to a lesser extent, a range of private schools in the wider Geelong district, for secondary education provision.

Sporting clubs play a major role in the local community with the Bell Post Hill Football & Netball Club, the Bell Post Hill Cricket Club and Geelong Rangers Soccer club all within a short walking distance of the school. Children also pursue other recreational activities through a range of local clubs.

School Documentation

AIP 2017 Rollins PS
2016 Annual Report
Rollins Primary School endorsed strategic plan
Rollins Child Safe Policy and statement of Commitment


Contact Us

Rollins Primary School
Wolseley Grove Bell Post Hill, 3215
Ph. 52783022
Fax. 52721917

Batesford Campus
Old Ballarat Rd Batesford, 3221
Ph. 52761290

Rollins PS Facebook Page

Rollins Aims To…

Provide our children with an innovative learning environment and a caring, nurturing approach to student wellbeing.

Values Program

Rollins Primary School uses the REACH Program emphasising: Respect, Encouragement, Ambition, Consideration and Honesty

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