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At Rollins  Primary School, we use Compass School Manager for a range of administrative tasks and to help improve communication between the school and our families. Compass allows parents easy access to student and school information.

Quick guides to help:

Follow this link for general ‘How to‘ Compass information

NewsItem(113) – How to access alternative report

NewsItem(90) – How to access a General and Behaviour notification COMPASS

For access, please click the following link: Compass Login

Below is a brief overview of the modules currently available to parents via Compass:

Using our parent portal you will be able to–

  • Personal Details – You can view your child’s personal details and their timetable schedule.
  • Give attendance approval – You are able to view and notify the school of absences and indicate future absences. This includes being able to approve any absence.
  • View the news feed – You can view important information about events and activities that are happening across the school. The news feed is customised, showing only the information relevant to you and your children.
  • Book Student Led Conference times – You can book SLC’s with teachers online.
  • Access academic student reports – You can view your child’s academic reports.
  • Check the school calendar – You will have access to the school events such as Sports Days.
  • Give consent and payment – You will be able to provide consent and make payments for excursions, camps, incursions and other events.
  • View school newsletters each fortnight

We encourage our families to familiarise themselves with the Compass website or Mobile App.

For access, please click the following link: Compass Login

Change of family information

It is very important that the school is informed of any changes to your child’s details. This includes changes to: contact phone numbers, emergency contacts living arrangements and custodial arrangements
Changes to any of information can be made using the COMPASS App or giving the information to the General Office. If the matter is something that has been decided by the courts, a copy of the order must be given to the school’s General Office.


Parents are requested to use the COMPASS App or Portal to record the reason for their child being absent at any time.

The app is available for both Android and IOS devices

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